Modern Warfare 3 Weapons Stats Chart

Modern Warfare 3 Weapons Stats

How are you getting on at Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer? Found a weapon that suits you yet? Well, rather then going through all of the weapons one-by-one to see which one(s) are best for you, why not reference the Modern Warfare 3 weapons stats chart and go from there?

In the stats chart, which we have embedded below, you will find a multitude of information on all the primary and secondary weapons Modern Warfare 3 has to offer. Everything from bullets to kill, time to kill, rounds per minute and second, plus the regular stats like raise / drop time and reload time.

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  1. Alex says:

    sweet! my cod game is bout to get real tech

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  2. NoWayz says:

    Dodgy stats, misinformation, avoid.

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  3. TheSingularChan says:


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  4. Le1n4_562 says:

    This chart has errors. The most obvious error I saw was the running speed for the sniper rifles, most of them have 95% running speed while 2 of them (the 50 Cal. and I forget the other) have running speeds similar to LMG’s.

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  5. TheSingularity says:

    I have checked the calculations, and all of the times are in error. The long and short ranges are correct, but the times to kill are not. I would invite the authors to publish the reasoning of their calculations.

    As an example, according to the chart, the P90 kills faster at long range than the PP90M1. But this is not the case if you calculate the time yourself using the damage and rounds per minute numbers.

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    • ilight8 says:


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      • Anonymous says:

        It kills in 3 shots to the body at close range. However…

        It kills in 4 shots at long range, which is only one less shot needed…

        It has a greater effective 3 hit kill range…

        And it’s easier to finish already wounded enemies off.

        Note that any weapon doing 42-71 damage with a 1.4x head multiplier will kill in 1 headshot and 1 body shot in its range, rather than 2 headshots.

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  6. Know Hope Now says:

    To the sigularity:

    I see where you are coming from but what the table doesn’t show is accuracy at close or long range, if taking that into account the figures might work out closer to the mark. Also given that recoil is mentioned I would assume that is a factor too. I’m not trying to piss on your fire here, just thinking outside the box.

    Personally from this I think I need to try a few different weapons, if it’s to be believed the G36C seems a good kill and run weapon, while the ACR 6.8 for stealth and the MP7 as a smaller map hit and run style. I’ve based this solely on raise time, recoil and bullets to kill stats, nothing else. I use none of the above. :/

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  7. someone says:

    the calculations are correct

    you have to count the timespaces (4, for 20 damage), not the bullets needed (5, for 20 damage). timespaces will always be bulletcount-1.

    the values may be incorrect (damage, range, rate of fire, recoil…)

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  8. Isn’t the MSR bolt action?

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  9. cesar says:

    U should make one for black ops as well

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  10. aaron says:

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize this chart is bull shit.

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  11. kungfu4catz says:

    This chart is very off yes. I love mw3. I think its awesome. Its not as good as cod 4 (in my opinion)but its still fun. But there are alot of abused and OP weapons in this game. PP90M1 and the Type 95 are very OP. I also think the ACR is OP. The striker is somewhat but i like it. I actually like the FAD and the MP9, two guns people rarely ever use. I like them though.


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  12. Markopolo says:

    This chart should be taken down asap… it’s wrong on so many levels

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  13. NUGS says:

    yeaa some stats are definitely wrong, look at the RSASS

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  14. TeKeRz says:

    The shotgun (usas-12) is definitely underestimated in many ways especially it’s range, the range on this gun is immense and the damage, wtf it’s well over powered.

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  15. SexyBeast says:

    Usas-12, ACR, PP90, Type 95, MP7, P90.
    All OP weapons.
    Barrett, G36C, FAD, FMG9 (slightly OP but not much), MSR, Five-Seven.
    About as legit as you can get.

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  16. That Guy says:

    OP Guns: Type 95, FMG9 Akimbo

    Kind of OP Guns: ACR 6.8, Striker, MP7

    The Type 95 is probably the easiest gun to use ever. 1 pull of the trigger kills your enemies 9 times out of 10. It has practically no recoil, the second highest damage of the assault rifles, and a rapid fire attachment making it even more ridiculous. This gun is not at all hindered at close range because the hip-fire is crazy accurate. As for the FMG’s, pretty much everyone uses them. It seems that every second death I have is from some bs sprayfest from an akimbo machine pistol. Its even worse in Team Defender and Search and Destroy because they’re used even more. Juggernauts (which are pretty hard to earn) suck because it takes like 2 seconds to kill one with akimbo FMG’s. Even after the fire rate patch, I still find myself being killed 50 meters away with those things.

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  17. NumberCruncher says:

    The information on this picture is no longer accurate. The LMG information in the picture has always been incorrect, any chance of getting it updated? (For example, LSW is 38 damage/bullet near, and 38 damage/bullet long range).

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  18. jim pickens says:

    This chart is off judging by my in game experience. the M60 is much more effective at long range… I hit about 75% of the time, roughly. and the weapon is a 3 shot kill at super long range… and you need to add in perk times to this chart so people can tell if they need to completely scrap a class for a more effective one, such as putting a M60 with “slight of hand” and “quickdraw”. (Note: I do not use either, nor do I use a Grip or the Kick weapon perk.) otherwise, the chart is solid.

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  19. E7-ONE-X says:

    like this post if you HATE the FMG9 dislike this post if like the FMG9

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  20. jason says:

    this chart is load of bull sh*t because with the b50cal at close range u get a hitmarker same with the msr and L11 these should be 1 shot kill to the head and chest witch i dont get hardly they need to leave most of the guns alone and the game

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