Modern Warfare 3 Content Drops 4-6 Available Now For PS3 ELITE, Collection 1 April 19th For All PS3

To go along with today’s release of Modern Warfare 3′s content drops 4-6 – multiplayer / survival map Black Box, and two Spec Ops missions, Black Ice, and Negotiator – to PlayStation 3 premium ELITE members, comes info of Collection 1‘s release to everyone on Sony’s console.

Collection 1 contains all the DLC that has been released to premium ELITE members thus far - Liberation and PiazzaOverwatch and Black Box, plus Spec Ops missions Black Ice, which tasks snowmobile-riding players with gaining access to a diamond mine and planting explosives in it, and Negotiator, which takes players to India for a hostage extraction situation. This will be made available in one week on April 19th.

Infinity Ward also confirmed today that Collection 1 will be available “soon” for the PC. How long soon is, though, is anyone’s guess!


  1. Bytorcus says:

    is this ‘Soon’ blizzard time? or ‘Soon’ like the elite service for the PC?

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  2. Polarr_Bear says:

    This is shit..
    I’ve got a PS3 and no Elite, those maps drop 4 months after they where first available for the Xbox. I won’t be surprised if BO2 will release 4 months after the Xbox. I mean, this is just freaking retarded.

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  3. Rokas says:

    I think the first DLC to PC players come out in April 19d.

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