GameTrailers TV Features Modern Warfare 3

The latest episode of GameTrailers TV heads to Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer’s studios and features a whole bunch of new Modern Warfare 3 footage. There’s all-new campaign footage to be seen from a level set in London called ‘Mind the Gap’. Plus, a first look at two Spec Ops levels.


  1. Auptyk says:

    So we get an Asian setting?

    It didn’t look like Chinatown (so I bet its not coming back) but I always liked that map and wouldn’t mind its return. Of course that would be weird if it was in CoD2, CoD4 and CoDMW3.

    Be like Facing Worlds in Unreal Tournament.

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  2. Moosie says:

    it kinda looked like bf3 beta at the beginning just a lighter setting.

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  3. Capt Excellent says:

    2 of the movies are dead.

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