Call of Duty Elite Beta Sign Up

Want to be one of the first to try out the just-announced Call of Duty online service, Elite? A new page has just gone live on recruiting players to register for a beta which will offer an early look at what Elite has to offer.

What does Elite have to offer? Some pretty interesting stuff actually. How does groups, clans, tournaments, events (with prizes), a theater and the tools to evaluate your game (detailed stats) sound?

If signing up to be one of the first people to try out Elite is something you would be interested in, head on over to this page and fill out the form. It’s as simple as that.


  1. BajaCA-PS3 says:

    Already signed up!!! First to comment?

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  2. Makorov says:

    it keeps saying u havent met the minimum requirments??any help please

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  3. [iD] EpiC FaiL says:

    @Makorov, I guess you have to be 18+ to take part in the Beta.

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  4. Tonytoff says:

    This is what I mean and what is ruining COD/modern warfare series….too many kids playing.
    You should have to enter a credit/debit card/drivers license or passport number or some form of identifying that you are over 18.
    To try and stop kids using their parents/older guardians details then a registered verified email address should be used.
    I know they are holes in my suggestion but Im tired after a long days work and am sick of kids ruining my COD.
    We need some international age verification system….even if its not perfect we need something.

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    • Needles says:

      Dude im 15, i dont ruin COD, and you should get better then us kids unless you want to get beat so often

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    • bird says:

      u actually only have to be 17 to buy M rated games

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    • Calean says:

      If you don’t like “kids” playing cod go play somithing else. I mean it’s hardly any older people playing, they all do other stuff in their spare time. Im pro at cod and don’t hate cause im probably better than you.

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  5. Fierce Angel says:

    Of course such a beta is ONLY for US citizens. We in Europe get a friggin’ 404 Error.
    What BS.

    oh and @Tonytoff. I fully agree with you man. Let the kiddies go play with their blocks and stop wreaking havoc on 18+ games. Yet in the stupid UK it’s 15+ ….and then they wonder why their kids grow up to be assholes…unbelievable…

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  6. CFFC ZION says:

    @Tonytoff and @Fierce Angel ok theres a difference between kids and teens playing CoD. Just about every good business, movie, game, etc. is doing well because of kids and teens. just because the game rating says 18+ doesnt mean that everyone is going to follow that and wait until they are 18+ to play. Now im 16 and im not saying that ima let my 6 year old brother play just because he helps bring in revenue for that stuff, true there is some responsibility involved and no 4 year old should be playing CoD but those who are old enough and responsible enough to play CoD and is under 18 there shouldnt be a problem. So quit bitchin cuz if it wasnt for us that game wouldnt be as hot as it is now

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  7. Chris94 says:

    God dam it im 17 and u have to be 18 god dam crule world

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  8. Daniel says:

    i wanted to make an account for elite but they kept on telling me that me password isnt filled in.what must i do

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  9. henry says:

    where do u go to sign up and when do u get to play the beta

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  10. Genaro says:

    I see Im not the only that’s having problems on the website.

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  11. keishi says:

    it keeps saying that i dont meet requirments and im not elegeble to sign up

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